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Reciting Salah on flight while travelling from Abu Dhabi to Chicago



It is a 15 hour plane flight from Abu Dhabi to Chicago. We left on Tuesday morning around 4:00 AM from Abu Dhabi, and arrive on the same Tuesday Morning around 8:00 AM in Chicago. We read Fajr on the plane. The time stayed constant at 7:00 AM for the rest of the flight. The time for Dhuhr, Asr, Magrab and Isha did not come. Should we read qada for these salat since they are to be prayed within a 15 hour time period, or is there no qada because the time for these salat never came? Thank you.


Salam Alaikum

It’s good to see you are concerned about your prayers.

It depends on the namaz timings of the places, your plane passed. So if you flew over a place in Dhuhr time, then it is obligatory on you to pray. If you missed praying, then you have to do qadha for it.

This will mean that you will be praying Dhohr and Asr prayers for that Tuesday.

Hope this helps you.

Syed Asad Jamal Zaidi