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Reciting Poetry on Friday



In Mafatih it is mentioned that reciting poetry (even if it belongs to Haqq) on Shab-e-Jumma and Friday makes all the ibadaat performed during that time as reward-less.
What is the ruling of Haji Agha on this? Can we recite Naat, Qasida, Manqabat on Shab-e-Jumma and Friday?

Jazak Allah.


Alaykum Salaam.

The disapproved nature of reciting poems for a person who is fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, person in a state of Ihram, person in haram (shrine), on the day of Friday and Thursday night is based on few authentic narrations. It is possible that those narrations would have not differentiated between a true poem and the poems of the praise of AHlul Bayt (as). However, the scholars have not accepted it in general.

Kumail Rajani

Ayat. Sistani’s Qum Office