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Unofficial/Gifted Money


Am working in a bank where gift money is not allowed. Knowing this I refused to accept when my customer gave me cash gift but he kept on insisting stating that I am giving as personally. He mention that this money is from him as personal and no link to bank He further said that I don’t have financial advisor and since he receive financial advise from me he is so glad and do not find any banker that shows much concern with their customers. He further said that he do not seek any favor of any kind and ask to pls. Accept as personal gift. After above comments when mentioning personal gift and no link to bank and upon so much insistance I felt that I will now insult him if I don’t accept. My question is can I use this money.

Pls. Guide me.


Based on the above mentioned scenario, you should not take the gift unless the consultancy given is out of your bank premises and timings. The consultancy you provide is something to do with your job and it shouldn’t be considered as a private consultancy. However, giving and receiving gifts is always a recommended act but here it is against the regulations of your bank. So it is not advisable to receive gift in this particular scenario.

You can gently reply to the giver that it is something against the bank ethos and you wouldn’t like to take risk of doing something which bank doesn’t like.

Kumail Rajani