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Ramadhan fasting and traveling


If I live in a city (Hamilton) and once I leave the city there is another big city (GTA) touching the boarder.This big city has many smaller clusters of cities. If I travel during ramadhan, anywhere in the big city GTA, will my fast still be valid?


Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question

A general rule regarding fasting in the month of Ramadhan :

Ruling 1683. A traveller must not fast if his obligation on a journey is to perform the four unit (rakʿah) prayers as two rakʿahs [i.e. in qaṣr form]. A traveller who performs his prayer in its complete (tamām) form – such as someone whose work is travelling, or someone whose journey is a sinful one – must fast on his journey.

As for a traveller, there are eight conditions  –  If the conditions are fulfilled, it is compulsory for him to perform ẓuhr, ʿaṣr, and ʿishāʾ prayers in their shortened (qaṣr) form; i.e. he must perform them as two rakʿah prayers. And he is also not allowed to fast.

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Sukaina Taqavi