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Ramadan Moon In Japan



could you please answer my question, i am living in japan, in japan ramadan moon was not sighted, but Japanese muslim follow Malaysia, if in Malaysia moon sighted then they announced tomorrow is first ramadan, my question is this is correct way? majority follow here Malaysia, in japan two Hilal committee, one Hilal committee follow Malaysia, second Hilal committee not follow Malaysia they emphasize to see moon and announced first Ramadan according to Moon, so whats the shariah law ? our nearest masjid follow also Malaysia. in that case what should i need to do? which one i need to follow?

Looking foreward hearing from you



Thank you for your question. The criteria to sight the moon depends the rulings of the Jurist (Marja) you follow, as well as the particular scientific possibilities and confirmed sightings of the moon on the first night of Ramadan. This is the reason for differences in opinion in when the first of the month of Ramadan is.

It is upon each individual to ensure they are satisfied that the moon has been sighted according to the rules of who they consider to be the most learned Jurist. You can find out these rulings by referring to their books of Islamic law, which usually has a section dedicated to the sighting of the moon.

You need check what criteria the moon sighting committees are using in their decision to follow Malaysia (or not) as they may in fact be complying with the rules of your Marja. If they are not then perhaps you can ask them to issue supplementary advice which is in line with the rulings of you Marja. Otherwise you will have to go about confirming the sighting of the moon based on the rulings of your Marja yourself.

May you always be successful.

Zoheir Ali.