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Authenticity Of Holy Quran


What prrof we can give to non-muslim+non-arab about Quran is a miracle …… And this work can’t be done by human beings or Jin….
(I know about ayat that tells if you have any doubt than bring a single sura like this but on which parameter ?????)
if is it on arabic linguistic than it want work with non arab. And ayat is challenging whole human and Jinns So what is the Actuall challenge?

It is miracle …..Live miracle…. than why we always give evidence of history?
What is the live miracle ????That we can tell people as proof?


Wa Alakum al-Salam

Quran is a miracle and its miraculous quality is not just in its words or sentences. Quran’s inimitability has different aspects that we can use in our dicussions. One of these aspects ralates to liguistic of quran which is unique but also understanding it requires Arabic literature that could be hard for non arabs.

Here I mention some others of quran’s miraculous quality:

Foretelling abute future events (like the beginning of sura Ar-Rum: 2-5)
Divine effect: Quran has a great effect on whoever reads it.
Scientific miraculous quality: like the development of fetus in womb 23:13,14; expansion of the universe, geological concept of mountains serving as stabilizers of the earth’s crust. We also can see refers to some of physic laws like gravity 13:2, etc.
Mathematical miraculous quality: it’s controversy among interpretators of Quran

Sheikh M. Mosseibi.