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questions on Prophethood and imamat


Salam un alaikum Bismillah Hir Rehman Nir Raheem

I would like to ask some questions about prophethood And imamat.

1) how does Allah SWT choose his prophets?

2) why are the prophets that are were chosen to be prophets by Allah SWT?

3) do prophets and imams have free will?

4)Why did Allah choose prophet Muhammad saw as rehmat allil alameen?

5)if Allah himself has bestowed them with the favour of guidance without them having to do it fair for the other creations of Allah SWT? Or are the prophets and imams first tested by Allah SWT and then given such mighty positions?

Please do help me with these questions. I’m a patient of religious obsessive compulsive disorder..and my mind is plauged by evil thoughts that Allah has unjustly favoured the prophets and imams upon other human beings…nauzobillah

Please do help me out with this..I’m struggling really hard and I don’t ever want to loose my faith or degrade my prophets and imams as.

Thank you so much Fiamanallah

Salaamun Alaykum
Thank you for your questions. All of your questions revolve around one topic so I will, Insha Allah, answer them all together.
All the Prophets and Imams have free-will to choose to obey Allah (swt) or to disobey Him. They are not forced to do anything. Rather, it is because a) their knowledge of the ugliness of sins and disobedience and the beauty of obedience and b) their love for Allah (swt) that they choose to obey Him which results in them being His closest servants and this is why He chooses them as Prophets or Imams.
As an example, if there was a beautiful, jolly, 3-month old baby in front of you, would it even occur to you to beat this poor, innocent baby until dies?! Of course not. Why? Because you know the ugliness of such a despicable act. Similarly, the Prophets and Imams have the highest levels of knowledge and can ‘see’ the evil of sins and disobeying Allah (swt) and hence refrain from committing such evil. They reach a level of infallibility. Allah (swt) created Man in order to reach perfection and this can only come about through guidance. Man needs a guide to direct him to the right way and this guide must be infallible. Allah (swt) in His infinite Knowledge knows who among His creatures would obey Him and love Him the most and it is these individuals He chooses as guides for mankind in the form of Prophets and Imams. Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the most-perfect creation of Allah (swt) and displays the qualities of Allah (swt) to the utmost level possible and therefore, is most suitable to be ‘rehmat allil alameen’ – a mercy to the worlds.
Fi Amanillah,