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Homosexuality, Consequence & Rulings


Hi i was wondering whether homo sexuality is haram because it became legal in our country?

What is the punishment? and what is the age that the person will get punished if he is a homo sexual? What if the homo sexual is a kid does he get punished?

I was also wondering if a person is a homo sexual and does not know that it is haraam does he get sin?

If a person was a homo sexual and changed because he found out that in Islam it is a sin does he get the punishment?

Ci was wondering about this because this was the thing i didnt knowni know taabout the resr of the ruling

I needed these questions because in buyans it says its a big sin but it doesnt say the ruling


1. Homosexuality is haram. All the governments do appreciate that if someone consider it to be haram in their religion, it has to be respected.

2. The worldly punishment is subject to the person’s locality. If someone is from an Islamic country and the law is based on Shari rulings, they can execute the law as per their constitution and judiciary systems. However, In a non Islamic country where the laws are based on secular principles, there is no such ruling of personal torture or punishments.

3. If a person was unaware of the prohibition of this act, then he would be forgiven Inshallah.

Kumail Rajani