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Anal Intercourse


Salaam Alaykum,

I would like to have a clarity on the matter of Anal sex as regards to verdicts of Ayyatullah Sistani (may almighty prolong his life), so,

a) Is it permissible or not ?? we see different view from same marja ,


two- rule 456- Islamic laws

b) Is it permissible while the woman is in haydh / monthly periods? In both situation with the wife’s consent.

I understand Ghusl Janabat becomes Wajib after anal sex , could u pls explain based on ayyat Sistani verdict the following situation:

a) Does ghusl janabat become waajib on a wife as well?

b ) what if the Wife was in her monthly period, how does she do ghusl of Janabat if its wajib?

c) is it sinful or haraam for a wife to allow her husband for anal sex d. Its not haramduring her monthly periods?

d) Do they have to give kafarra if at all it was haraam? .

e) what was the reaction of Ahlulbayt when presented the cases or questions on anal sex?

probably my understanding is less , if you could kindly shed some light. thank you, and may almighty bless you all


1.  Permissible with certain condition. The most important being wife’s consent


a. No. There is no effect of that Ghuls on wife because of the impurity of Haydh.

b. As per (a)

c. Its not a sin

d. Its not haram

e. It was highly detested by Imams and there are numerous traditions demotivating this act.

Kumail Rajani