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Questions about animals.


From my little knowledge of Islam I came to know that animals don’t have free will and are by default Muslims. So why some animals perform ill and unjust deeds like the lion killing young lion cubs of the previous leader, pigs likes to watch his mate having sex with other pig. Please clarify.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

Animals have free will but not to the extent of human beings. They have free will to the extent that they can distinguish but its quantity and quality are not clear to us.

The difference between free will of Human being and animals is in the power of understanding and thinking. As human beings have different faculties, i.e. faculty of intellect(عقل), faculty of  lust(شهوت) and faculty of anger(غضب), so man chooses among these. But because animals only have the faculties of lust(شهوت) and anger(غضب) and do not have intellect(عقل), they always behave instinctively, their free will is more limited than ours. They do not think about their work. But as we know they have instincts like the human beings and that is why they hunt for their food.

After all, animal behavior is instinctive. This relationship between husband and wife that exists in humans differs from that of animals.

The animals will also be resurrected and are responsible and accountable for their injustice and cruelty but the details of their cruelty and injustice is not clear for us.

Since animals don’t have free will like ours, then there is no concept of Islam as a religion to follow. But the literal meaning of Islam which means to be submissive towards Allah(swt) is correct in the sense of other creations such as plants and animals.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider