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Khula Divorce



I need answers of the following questions.

1. If a woman take “Khula Divorce” or “Talaqul Khula” from her husband (by force) in this case It is necessary that at the time of “Khula divorce”, wife is Clean

(tahir/pak) from (Menses) Haidth and Nifas, and that the husband should not have had sexual intercourse with her during that period?

2. If her husband had sexual intercourse in the same night with his wife and his wife taken “Khula Divorce” in the same morning or very next day so that “Khula

Divorce” is Vaild OR Void?

3. What are the rules of Ruju (re-continue) in Khula Divorce?

4. If Husband and wife (wife agreed to and consent) did sexual intercourse after “Khula Divorce” and before Iddah (3 Months) that is Haram or not and the marriage

will continue and “Khula Divorce” is void after that.

I need your answer in details.
Looking for yours quick answer as the matter is very urgent.

Thanks you.
Allah bless on you.


1. Yes

2. Divorce is valid BUT the intercourse is haram because the Khula divorce is irrevocable.

3. There is no Ruju (re continuation) in this divorce. The only way to re continue is to recite the Nikah.

4. It is haram and Khula divorce is still applicable.

Kumail Rajani