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Qirat Namaz zohr wa Asr namaz



Ayatulah Sistani has the following rule:

961. A person should pronounce Takbir, Hamd, Surah, Zikr and Dua in such a manner that he should at least hear the whisper. And if he cannot hear it because of deafness or too much noise, he should pronounce them in such a manner that he would be able to hear, if there was no impediment.

My question is, when reciting Sura Fatiha and another sura in Zohr and Asr – Do we have to recite it silently or do we have to whisper? Because at work we have a common prayer area where everyone comes to pray and when I whisper (loud whisper to hear it) in namaz then I think other people are disturbed by it.

So can I recite the sura’s in a very low whisper or it has to be a whisper which I can clearly hear?



Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your question

The ruling you mentioned is basically 938 from Ayatullah Sistani’s site:

Ruling 938. One must say takbīr, Sūrat al-Hamd, the other surah, dhikr, and duās in a manner that he at least hears his own voice. If he cannot hear it on account of being hard of hearing or deaf or there being too much noise, he must say them in a manner that he would have been able to hear them were there no impediment.

Surahs recited in Fajr, Maghrib and Isha Salat have to be recited loudly by the men whereas Surahs in Zuhr and Asr have to be whispered. One can whisper in a way that if no one is there he can hear the whispering but if one is praying at a crowded place then the normal whispering is enough, as in if there was none you could hear the whispering.

You can whisper in a way that you can hear your voice and it is not necessary to whisper very loudly. A normal whispering by which you can identify what you are reciting is sufficient and inshAllah that wouldn’t disturb others.

May Allah(swt) grant you success and accept your Salat.


Syed Haider