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qibla problem


Salam. About a month ago I hve moved to new house. and by using qibla compass application I trace qibla and then started praying as per qibla indication. now today I m using same application and it showing qibla completely opposite side. so wht should I do now. should I continue praying on the first direction or should I go with the current direction?


Salamun Alaykum

You must make certain which is the true direction of qibla – if it then transpires that you were praying in the wrong direction completely, then the following applies:

If it was more than 90 degrees away from the true direction you will have to repeat the last salat prayed as long as there is still time to pray it again within its time

If it was less than 90 degrees from qibla then there are is no salat to repeat – just observe the proper qibla for the future

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer