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Please clarify the following: Birthplace is considered watan irrespective of time lived there. Are parents birthplaces considered as watan? Do parents consider their children’s home ( in other cities watan? Thank you. JAK


In the Name of the Beloved 

Salamun Alaykum
Regarding your questions about watan, according to Ayatollah Sistani:
1. Birthplaces are considered watan until you waive them as your watan and do not plan to return there.
2. If a child has lived with his/her parents in their birthplace and it is where the parents live it would be considered the child’s watan too. On the other hand if the birthplace of the parents is one place and they live with their children in another the parents birthplace is not considered the child’s watan
3. No, children’s watan is not considered a watan for the parents.