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I live in Leicester but in September I started my College in Kettering which is about 42 miles away from Leicester. I will be going to College approximately thrice a week. My question is that should I pray qasr or full at the College?

And more importantly, what if some months I travel for more than 10 days and some months I travel less than 10 days? Because in September I went to College 8 times and in October I will go 9 OR 10 times. Then in November I will inshaAllah travel for Arbaeen. So I will not travel to College 10 times every month, only some months. So in this case, how should I offer my prayers at College and also elsewhere? Like even when I go to Iraq for less than 10 days, what should I offer there?

Like I won’t go to College 10 times every month. Some may be 8 some 10. So hence what do I pray at College? And for instance when I go for Arbaeen for less than 10 days?

Please elaborate on these concepts as I find them very confusing and do not want to make any mistakes.

Many thanks for your help. Iltimase Dua


Waalaykum al-Salam

Thank you for your question.

we contacted the office of Sayyid Sistani and they explained that if in total, you travel a minimum of sixty days in six months, regardless of the destination, you are to pray your salah as full.

hope this was useful,