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What is the end time for fajar and Isha prayer


Dear Sir,
Can you please explain what is the end time for fajar and Isha prayer.
I had been told once that if you miss fajar time and offer the same day before zawal it’s possible and same in Isha we can offer before tahajuud only in emergency.
Is it true.
Thank you


Thank you for your question

Following is the stance of Ayatollah Sistani

Kindly refer to the links below for more information

Ruling 723. For a person under normal circumstances, the time for the maghrib prayer is until midnight, but for a helpless person – who due to forgetfulness, oversleeping, menstruation (ḥayḍ), or suchlike did not perform prayers before midnight – the time for maghrib and ʿishāʾ prayers is extended until dawn. However, in both cases, the proper order between the two prayers must be observed, meaning that if the ʿishāʾ prayer is knowingly performed before the maghrib prayer, it is invalid unless the time remaining is sufficient only for performing the ʿishāʾ prayer, in which case it is necessary that one performs the ʿishāʾ prayer before the maghrib prayer.

Ruling 726. As previously mentioned, the time for the ʿishāʾ prayer for a person under normal circumstances ends at midnight. The night is the period from the beginning of sunset until dawn.

Ruling 727. If someone wilfully does not perform maghrib or ʿishāʾ prayers by midnight, he must, based on obligatory precaution, perform them before the time of the morning call to prayer (adhān) without making the intention of whether he is performing them in their prescribed time or not (adāʾ or qaḍāʾ).

Ruling 728. Near the time of the morning call to prayer, a whiteness in the sky moves upwards from the east, which is called ‘the first dawn’. When this whiteness spreads, it is ‘the second dawn’, which is the start of the prescribed time for the morning prayer. The end of the time for the morning prayer is when the sun rises.

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