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Qadha Salaah While Sitting


Salaamun alaykum

may Allah reward you in this world and aakherah for all the efforts and time you are putting in to answer our questions insha Allah.

My question is, due to my bones being weak, its hard for me to pray my qadha namaaz while standing as my knees tend to pain alot. Though, I pray my daily wajib namaaz while standing. Is it allowed for me to pray my qadha namaaz while sitting? I have alot of qadha namaaz. and its kinda hard for my knees to get well anytime soon. It might take some time. If I wait till my knees get well, what if I die before that?!

Thanking you alot. iltemas e dua. fi amaanillah.


Salaam Alaykum.

Please visit the link below.

In addition, the cure is in the hands of Allah (swt) and if one dies, then she hasn’t any burden on her as long as she has followed His shariah as interpreted by Marja’

Fi amanillah
Kumail Rajani