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Salam o alikum I have so many kaza prayers when I used contraception..for 3 years .I have started praying now every day during free time . I’m not sure exactly which days of the months I missed and which days I had prayed during that period of time. .so I’m praying for the whole month’s prayers as kaza . Is this right ? Also what are the mustahabaat of obligatory prayer which I could leave and quickly complete loads of my kaza prayers? At which point salwaat during prayers is wajib?


Assalamu alaykum

You must repay your salah by offering the number that You are most certain of missing. E.g. you didn’t offer all your salah for 3 years and you are uncertain of the exact number you’ve missed, but you can roughly say it must have been about 3 months. Then that’s how much you need to offer as Qadha prayers.

Please refer to the link below to learn about the obligatory acts in salah. The rest are Mustahab. Obligatory acts relating to Namaz

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