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qadha namaz for Menstruation days


Salam. I have a question about menstruation. I am taking medication and eating foods like fenugreek that are making my cycle longer than usual. Usually it lasts for 7 days but it has changed to 8 days since taking these. However this month it has been 10 days. The bleeding always stops after 7 days even in this month. The rest of the days discharge of yellow and sometimes brown/pink comes in small amounts. Is this still menstruation? Or is this istihaza? Should I do Ghusl after the blood stops? Or do I do Ghusl after the discharge stops? If I do Ghusl after the discharge stops is there any qadha salat valid upon me? Also if I am taking these supplements that increase my flow does that mean my regular duration of period has changed or would it still be considered as 7 days?


Waalaykum Salam

Since the light color discharge is continuing after the actual blood stop, it’s still counted as Haidh. You have to do Ghusl after the discharge is completely discolored (up to 10 days, and any blood after that will be Istehaza). You do not have to pay Qadha, since all of the blood in your case until the tenth day is Haidh. Also, you are no more ‘Adadiyah’ (I.e. someone’s whose monthly duration is known).

Kind regards