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Assalamu Alaikum, My question is regarding leasing a car. I want to purchase a car but as everywhere there is interest based financing i cancelled my buying options. Recently i came to know about a leasing offer wherein you lease a car for 3 yrs at a predetermined monthly amount. As per me its just a monthly rent for 3 years. But while the company person was talking i heard like something interest involving. What i believe is that company has their own calculations of amount. I just saw the monthly amount as rent for 3 years and signed the offer, but now i am totally confused what to do. Might be company have their own way of calculating money with some interest and showing us just total montly rent so we are unaware of it. Is this agreement permissible.


If it  is a rental agreement it is OK to purchase – Agha Sistani allows such transactions on the basis of Majhul al-Malik and not loan


Abbas Jaffer