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Am i laible to provide everything for my wife when she doesn’t lives with me



I live in lahore Pakistan and my wife lives in Virginia America. we had our nikkah on 31st march 2019 last year and she went back to her house in USA then she came back and forth 3 times in between to meet me and we got married with a walima ceremony on 8th February 2020. Then she went back to her parents house in the USA. She demands monthly expenses for the time she has been in nikkah with me
Am i laible to provide for everything even when she doesn’t lives with me at my house



Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your query

The Nafaqah (Maintenance) becomes wajib on 2 main criterias:

Wife fulfilling husband’s marital duties;
Wife going out with the permission of her husband
So, if the above two mentioned criteria meet your condition then it is Wajib on you to pay the nafaqah(Maintenance).

If she has fulfilled her marital duties and she has taken permission from you to go back to the U.S then you are obliged and liable to pay the Nafaqah(Maintenance) but if it was without your permission and she just went to enjoy the life there and not live with you then in this case it is not Wajib on you to pay.

Nafaqah(Maintenance) doesn’t become Wajib just after Nikah rather it becomes Wajib after the Walima with the 2 conditions mentioned above. So if she had been in Nikah from 31st March 2019 but did walima and Rukhsati on 8th February 2020, and if those 2 conditions do not meet then Nafaqah is not wajib.

All the shia Mujtahideen say if a Woman who refuses to fulfil her marital duties and who goes out of house without husband’s permission isn’t liable for receiving the Nafaqah(Maintenance).

Rulings regarding Nafaqah(Maintenance) according to Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyid Ali Sistany:

Question: I would like to have more information regarding the depth and extent of a husband’s obligations for maintenance and expenses of the wife. Is it true that the husband should provide the same level of life (luxuries, maids, education) as the wife had before marriage? Does the answer differ from one scholar to another? Are there any hadith and/or rulings in this regard?

Answer: The husband is obliged to provide his wife with food, clothing and housing in conformity with her social status and dignity; dignity meaning the same level of life that she had before marriage. In this regard, the scholars share the same view.


Syed Haider