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Witchcraft in social media and Allah’s protection


Salam aleykoum,

Family members and acquaintances keep pushing me over and over to take off my pictures out of social media because it is very easy for witchcraft to make a curse with it. However, I feel reluctanded, if we pray Allah (swt) , if we read Coran often, if we recite sourate Al Nas and Al Falaq and truly have deep faith in Him no matter what, doesn’t Allah will protect us from any curse, any spell anything no matter what they can use and how hard they try ? Why being afraid of being cursed when Allah is by your side ?

Barak’Allahou fikoum for your answers

Yours sincerely,


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question

It is true that Allah’s protection is the most solid protection but evil eye is a reality too. Allah says in the Quran (surah al-Falaq) that we constantly need His protection from all the Possible fear one can have in the world. And the last two can be applied to your case.

On this note, it may not be prohibited (according to Islamic laws) to upload pics on social media per say, but if the pictures are such that provokes people to blow evil breaths on you, or get jealous of you, then why would you wish to draw such things towards yourself!? (This is only coming as a sisterly suggestions, I have no knowledge of the types of the pics uploaded)

Hope this helps,