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Prophet Dawud – David (a.s) and His Beautiful Voice


salaam alaykum,
thank you for the service.
I would like to ask about the miracle of Prophet Dawud (as) and the permissibility of music and singing.
I understand the said prophet was given the miracle of a sweet voice to do dhikr of god , but recently some misguided so called scholars have misinterpreted this miracle saying , P. dawud (as) was singing (naudhubillah !) till the birds used to come and hear his melodious voice, so,
singing is indeed a gift from god and not haraam ?
the said prophet (naudhubillah) liked music (mausuki) ?
according to some narrations from books of sihah sitta the holy Prophet (naudhubilla) would like to see music ? (paraphrasing in
my words)
How do we reply to this .
kindly assist with some solid details pls.


There are 2 verses in Quran which are related to Prophet Dawud’s Dhikr and Tasbih:

And indeed We already brought Dawud (David) Grace from Us: “O you mountains, reiterate Allah’s praises with him, and you birds!” And We softened for him iron. (34:10)

Surely to him We subjected the mountains with him to extol at nightfall and sunshine. (38:18)

Well, both these verses and many narrations do discuss about his beautiful voice and the tasbeeh of birds and mountains along with him. But there is no such mention of music in it.

Being honest and just, both Shias and Sunnis condemn music ( If the music accompanying it is that which is suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings, it is not permissible to listen to it.)

Kumail Rajani