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Pronunciation of Arabic letters


I am curious how to pronounce the letter ذ because my dad says zaal whereas I say thaal? I’ve read in some places that people from different areas pronounce it differently but is that allowed?My dad has started to lead congregation prayer at home but I don’t know if my salah will still count because he might be getting surah Al-Fatiha wrong if he’s not pronouncing his ذ correctly?


wa Alaikum al-salam
The proper and the only way to pronounce ذ is to place the tongue between the upper and the lower teeth in a way that the tip of the tongue comes little outside whilst placing between the upper and the lower teeth. The same way of pronunciation goes for the letter ث.
we also must be careful that if we change the alphabets it may change the meaning at times which wouldn’t be correct.

Sheikh Mosseibi.