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Promise to allah


Assalamu alaikum I care something too much and so that I abstained from using lot of things and avoiding something which I really like due to the fear that which may be impure.but sometimes after a lot of reasearches in the internet I get the answer of permissivility of the usage (everything is pure unless it is certain,thing i use is most probably a pure one and the like) Once I said ” Others are don’t care about this but still by mere doubt I even doing these much oh allah (an act which I had never did at that time but intented to do ). so that allah forgive me ” I never uttered detaily about the act I just said “these much” by mentioning the act in my heart I never intended to make a binding promise in between me and allah but I said this with the intention to do it will it count as a promise ? If it counts as promise should I fulfill it in my whole life or once is enough ? Do I’m punished for each time I broke the promise or the promise dissolves in the first time I broken it . If after broking the promise is I’m free from the Binding with Allah by that promise Or will I be sinfull each day I broke it ? Please advice me .it will be great help for me May allah bless you and your beloved ones

Wa alaykum salam
Im not sure whether I’ve understood the question right.
The answer given is according to my understanding.
While making a covenant (ahd), a formula declaration has to be pronounced, though is not necessary that it should be in Arabic. 
While pronouncing the formula it is necessary that the promise be made with Allah.
Please refer to this link:
Sukaina Taqawi.