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Is it permissible to use products like supplements, cosmetics etc which contain chemicals derived from animal origin, like vitamin B12, vitamin D, glycerin, taurine etc. when we do not know whether the animal was slaughtered in a halal way or not? Upon my inquiry to the manufacturer they have confirmed that these ingredients are used in pure chemical form derived from animals however the products DO NOT contain animal parts. So what is the permissibility of such products even if high chances are that the animals were slaughtered in a non halal way?


Wa-Alaykum As Salaam

The office of Syed Sistani in Qom stated the following:

If the products are sourced from non-Islamic countries where you consider them to be slaughtered in a non-halal way, and considering the “Istihala” is unlikely, cosmetics should be washed off before prayers to purify the body (tahara) and foods should not be consumed and considered haram food.

Here is a link with more information on similar issues:


“…if the producer is a non-Muslim or it was produced in a place where Muslims are not in the majority and it is not known that the producer is Muslim, then it is not permissible to eat it.: Question & Answers

Samer Hakim