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I want to marry a chiristian girl online


I want to marry a chiristian girl online because she lives in another country can you please tell me the process?



Thank you for your question. According to the verdicts of Ay Sistani (hA) you can marry a Christian lady temporarily (even if the term is specified as an extended period like 20 or 30 years as long as it does not exceed the lifespan of either the man or the woman). The temporary marriage contact can be renewed after the specified period is finished. The formula can be recited over the phone by yourselves or you can appoint an agent to recite the formula on your behalves. A man can also be the agent for the woman to marry her to himself. If she is willing to convert to Islam you can marry her permanently. If there is any confusion then please refer to a local scholar to walk you through the process.

May you always be successful.