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Problems in getting married



I have an issue. I need guidance. I am of the  age for marriage and Since one year I have had people come meet me and family at our home, They seem very nice in the start but everytime there comes a problem (like they either put a condition for marriage which we don’t agree with or disappear after showing interest or just waste our time knowing their sons are interested in someone else). This is now taking a mental toll on me.
I am of good family,religious and I know Allah (swt) must have some hikmah but this pattern is making me doubt my strong faith.
I never got into any haram relationships knowing this was going to be the right and religious way but everytime we think we are getting a decent proposal, things take turns and it doesn’t end up happening.

I dont mind getting married late whenever Allah wills it to be my time but at the same time I dont want things like this to happen to me.I just want Allah swt to send the right person whenever its time and not have to entertain families who will end up putting pressure on us or insult us in a way.

Please help me and if there is any wazifa or prayer I could recite? is this nazr?
I pray manzil every day
Surah furqan verses
Surah taha
What else should I do?


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

As you said yourself, Allah (az) has better plans laid out for you and InshaAllah it will come by soon.

To help you understand further, why don’t you look at it this way that all of these proposals were your suitor but each one of them had issues that Allah showed you prior to your commitment. He is trying to show how much He is caring for you and that He is there. To protect your Interest InshaAllah.
Ofcourse this side of the coin is always difficult to digest. But if we take a step back, and take an Aerial view, we will be able to see as to how much damage Allah has save you from.

InshaAllah, Allah sends the right person at the right time for you. In the mean time I will highly recommend to recite surah al yaseen for 40 days after fajr prayers and zairat Ashura for 40 days.

InshaAllah all goes well
In my prayers