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Am I Possessed?


I have been having really weird dreams since I a guy covered in black clothes and with eyes red came to my house….there is this person he is my co worker who has been acting weird and when he his around I feel as if there is something else there besides him.and there are cracks in my bathroom which appeared all of a subbed and when water if thrown on them they turn blue or black and there are two tiles in my room that appear hollow and they weren’t like this before and not just me but my friends and my cousins feel a presence in my room.Once I was taking a shower and I heard a knock on my door and at that time I was alone in my house.

Not just that at work my desk started to shake and I thought it was an earthquake but it wasn’t nothing else was moving and my desk was moving really badly. I am really scared I don’t know what’s happening I have seen having dreams about me and everyone I know dying and possessed people chasing me I have been seeing demons in my dreams.can u plz tell me what all this means does this mean that something is after me or something.

not just that I got to know that my grandma used to have dreams about the future and she said that once before she got married she had a dream and saw her sons and from all her grandkids I was the only one she saw. And there has been possession in my family before. Please tell me if I’m safe or no.

Thank u


Salaam alaikum

Whilst we cannot dismiss this issue, it is best to recite surah Jinn several times together with saying ” A’oodhu Billah Min Ashaytan alrajim”

Reciting Quran, prayers and duas all help very much. It is important that you recite Quran, especially Surah Jinn and Nas as many times as possible.

Visitation to holy shrines, giving sadaqa and increasing worship are also good. The stronger the emaan the less likely things like this happen


Sh Mohammed