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Masturbation destroying my life


I really need help for my masturbation problem it’s ripping me a part i can’t control my urges i an so devastated by this
The problem is that i m doing aalimat course but still i am not able to control it.
Its really affecting my mental health
and one more thing last ramzan i was also in “Aatiqaf”
I can’t really face myself.
the thing is that because of all this guilt i am really getting bad thoughts like punishing my self or slapping my myself or even to do self harm like cuts etc
please please and help me
i m so devastated by this
and also i continuously make Tauba but still i can’t control this thing
anyone there please help me regarding this matter.


Alikum Salam
Thank You for your question.
Please refer the following link for your Answer: Pornography and Masturbation

With thanks and regards,
Ask An Alim Team.