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Husband had premarital physical relations

I married a man through arranged marriage but after a few weeks of the marriage I found out that he was in love someone else and they had physical relations and lived under roof without his parents knowing , he wanted to marry her but his parents weren’t agreeing and that girl after 2 years dumped him and got engaged to someone and his parents chose me and had our nikkah our done. This was a total arrange marriage that’s his parents n my parents decided . My question is he never told me nor his parents ( his parents never knew about his physical relations with her I think but they also hid from me n my family that at the time of deciding of marriage he was already seeing her) anyhow shes married to someone else n hes married to me . My question is I was shaken after a month of our marriage when I accidentally saw his n hers pictures on his iPad n screenshots of their message. He was in intense love with her. They had planned whole their life n lived like husband and wife but his parents never agreed. Hes lies to me he says he loves me n cares but I cant believe I married a man who did zina, In my  whole life i  believed that  good women are for good men from surah nur. I feel cheated and like a replacement. When he comes near me I start thinking hes done n said all these to things to her before me and must be comparing me emotionally physically with her. I cant get this out of my head, he never told me he liked anyone or anything n I havent asked . I never showed it to him ad if I know anything. I dont even know if he even repented his sin for zina before marrying me. Recently that girls father died n I was away for 2 weeks when I came home n saw his phone he left her text saying sorry for her father’s loss n may he be given jannah. Again hes once to me but he was in love her n said the same things n did the same things for her shared the same bed . How I can overcome this and what should I do

Waalykum salam sister 

Thank you for your Question.
I totally understand your concern.
These are all overwhelming emotions and if one doesn’t get a grip on them, they can actually spoil your life.
I agree, what happens was a mistake on your husbands side and it is, no doubt, a great sin. But how sure are you that he didn’t repent over it!?
The fact that he settled for an arranged marriage is a clear proof that he has reformed his inner self and was ready to commit to a serious relation. How fortunate you are to have a husband who has repented over his past and agreed to live with a wife with love and affection.

Besides all, No one is obliged to disclose his/ her past to her spouse. Allah dislikes it. More so because he has let it go and moved on.

I hope you’re able to find some peace. And make sure you have a good communication bridge with him. It will create this understanding and confidence in your relation InshaAllah .

Kind regards
Naajiya Jaffery