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Praying standing is Mandatory even if one is unable to maintain their posture fully.


Asalamu Aleykum, I want to first ask who is the Alim answering? As we have to be sure we are taking our knowledge from reliable scholars.
As For my question, I find my self in a situation where I am able to pray standing, however this entails discomfort and that my kushu will be very limited, I am bother by sihr and jinn, so when I stand to pray I sway to the right and left and lean forward and backward. Hence my kushu is very little, and I make many mitakes. However when I sit, the symptoms do mot feel so intense and hence I can concentrate a little more on what I am reciting. Alhamdullilah by the Will of Allah I am getting much better, but I am just unsure about my dilema. Jazakullah


Assalamun Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

It is obligatory on one to pray standing. if you are swaying a bit left to right or back and forth, then it is still obligatory on you to offer your Salah in standing position. sitting position is only permissible for those that are ill or physically unable to do so.

As for your khushu, it will built over time InshaAllah. In-fact if you follow what Allah has really ordained you to do then you will certainly get there.