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Just Friendship


Assalam o Alikum Sir,

I am here to ask a question kindly guide me regarding this. Sir, I am myself kind of a weird person and doesn’t make long relations. SInce my University life started I met a person (BOY) and we both became freinds. He was the best freind for me thorugh out my whole life and for him I was.

Yet it happened that there arises a confussion certain disagreements occurred and an other person misleaded him to such an extent that he is no not willing to even have a sight on me. But, I still want him as a friend and companion.

So, if I pray Allah that our friend ship will be rehabiliated then is asking for this is JUST OR NOT KINDLY SPECIFY ME.


Alaykum Salaam Brother.

It is the right thing to do to talk to God and ask Him for guidance whether your friendship with this boy will get you closer to Him and remind you of Him. It should not be that due to his companionship, you turn away from God or His loved ones. If his friendship is for the betterment for both of you, you could ask God to make him friendly towards you once again.