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Please HELP!! Does trusting Allah mean that He will give you what you want if you have cut off all hopes from everyone except Allah. +Law of attraction by Allah


Assalamalaikum! I have been going through a very intricate dilemma so I apologize in advance for the long question. I had been in contact with a guy and we intended to marry each other but when he asked his mom she said he is too young right now. When we were in contact, we did not talk to eachother on the phone except twice or thrice because it is haram to listen to a namehram’s voice without professional cause and did not see eachother’s pictures and we live in different countries. The point is, I tried as much as I could to avoid the things that Allah has clearly prohibited. I still felt guilty when I used to chat with him. When his mom said no, I cried a lot but I thanked Allah tala for closing the opportunity for a haram action (chatting with a namehram) I had been doing that I did not have the power to do by myself. Before we stopped contacting, we subtly went over the fact that he can talk to his mom again after two years because by then he will be done with his pre college education. Now during these two years, I want to know how should I be praying to Allah tala so that He grants me the guy I want to marry WITH HIS WILL I have read at several places in the Quran and believe that Allah can no doubt open ways for and make happen anything He wants to do. But that’s the thing, if He WANTS to do it. Initially, I had been praying to Allah tala that whatever He decides for me, I will accept it. Because there is a Hadees e Qudsi that says “If you hand yourself over to my wish, I will give you your wish as well.” But in the past, I have focused on “impossible” things I want and blindly trusted that Allah will give them to me and Alhamdulillah gotten them. I also read a book on the Law of Attraction and I believe that if you blindly trust Allah tala in that He WILL grant your wish, He will. So when I was praying according to the Hadees e Qudsi, every time I would think about not getting married to the guy I want to marry I would get really anxious and a little bit hopeless. So I decided to “let Allah tala know” that if He decides not to give me my wish, I will accept His command. But in the meantime, I have decided to only think about what I want and not think about what I don’t want and so I beg Allah tala to be razi with this wish of mine so that I can achieve my dream. Also I read a quote from 6th imam a.s that said, “If a human being wants that Allah gives him/her WHATEVER he/she asks for, he/she should be indifferent from everyone and ONLY tie his/her hopes with Allah.” From what I know, that is exactly what I have been trying to do. I don’t talk to anyone about this and don’t expect anyone to make this wish come true or help me except Allah with the waseelah of 14 masoomeen a.s. In that case, I should just be praying for what I want and BELIEVE that Allah will give it to me for sure right? But then I get confused and scared in that am I Nauzubillah trying to get Allah tala to be happy with what I want instead of the other way around. And I do NOT in any way want Allah tala to be angry regardless of whether or not He grants my wish. On the other hand, if I say, Allah tala do whatever you want, I will accept it, then how do I incorporate my desperation in my duas and how much I want to marry this guy? If I am not allowed to ask for whatever I want and believe for sure that He will grant it, (I have read an hadith that had a part like, “If you trust Allah, be sure that He will not break your trust.”) then what is the point of supplication and hajat? Can you beg Allah to WANT to do something? Can you beg for Him to say Yes to something? I believe for sure that He CAN do it 10000% percent, but the problem is how do I ask Him to put his raza in it and ask Him to WANT to do it? Please help me 🙁 Jazak Allah Khairun!


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question.
Allah is the best planner. There is no doubt it, however we are impatient!
It is good to know that you Both are serious about this relation and want to do what is really demanded by Allah himself! I.e. marrying through legal ways.
So all you have to do is wait.
If it’s meant to, InshaAllah it Will come and if not you will definitely find this loving person who will be your husband for life InshaAllah.
In the mean time. You can keep praying that Allah pls do the best for me. It doesn’t really hold much meaning when one wants to let “ Allah know”. He knows already. So that area has been taken care of!, however, what’s needed from your side is submission!
You must be submissive and patient. Indeed Allah is with patient ones. And whoever is with Allah can never ever loose!
Mia all goes well for you,

Kind regards,

Naajiya Jaffery