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Purity & Salah


I put my clothes in the wash and I put one of my cloth that had soo much blood on it and I took all my clothes out and that cloth that had blood on it still has the blood stain on it…… So is my clothes pure and can I pray salah with these clothes?

And……. Can I pray salah woth riped clothes thats covered?

Jazakallah ghair x



Yes she can pray with the stained cloth as the original blood has already been washed and cleaned.

Purifying the body and clothes. If these are contaminated, they must be
washed with water until no impurity remains. This is especially so if the
impurity is visible, such as blood. If some stains remain after washing,
such as those that would be extremely difficult to remove, they can be

HE knows the best.

Kanize Zainab