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Qadha Salaah in Sitting Position


Salaam Alaykum.

If one has undergone a surgery due to which they are not allowed to bend or sit down on the ground, they dont have a choice but to sit on a chair and pray wajib salaah, correct?
Now, if such a prohibition by the doctors means a number of months, and the patient wishes to offer their qadha salaah of previous years, be it before or after surgery, what is the ruling? Can they offer the qadha salaah in that sitting position?

Thank you


Yes, if one doesn’t have any choice but to sit and pray they should sit and pray.

Now, there are two scenarios:

a. The person is sure (100%) that he is not going to get cured: Then it is permissible for him to pray qadha in a sitting position.

b. If he is not sure, then he is not allowed to pray qadha in sitting position and will have to wait until he gets cured.

Kumail Rajani