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Praying missed Fajr prayer


I have read that it is permissible to pray late if one has forgotten or was asleep during the time of the prayer.
In that case, is it a sin or not, to pray Fajr later after the Fajr timings, because we usually tend to be asleep during Fajr time usually?
Also if we sleep purposefully not intending to wake up for Fajr, will it be ruled the same way as sleeping (due to tiredness or so)?
May Allah grant us the opportunity to offer all our prayers on time.
Waiting for your response.
Thank you.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your question

مَا سَلَكَكُمْ فِي سَقَرَ  قَالُوا لَمْ نَكُ مِنَ الْمُصَلِّينَ

‘What drew you into Hell?’ They will answer, ‘We were not among those who prayed.(Surah Mudathir/42-43)


Prayer is the only form of worship which cannot be abandoned even at the moment of drowning in times of war. It is the loudest declaration of man’s obeisance to God and total freedom from the dominance of the powerful.

If a prayer is missed out it is not just permissible to pray later rather the Qadha is wajib to be prayed by the person who missed it. Even if the person dies, the Qadha must be performed on his behalf by his elder son.

So when we speak about permissibility, it doesn’t mean that one can leave prayers and do Qadha and pray later. Allah(swt) has prescribed a specific time for each Salat and if prayed out of that prescribed time, the Salat is Qadha- but still obligatory. Had there not been Qadha, then it would be permissible to pray anytime but since the times are prescribed in Shariah, this clearly shows that one must make it on time. The best time is the Awwale waqt and one must try not to miss the Fazilat time of prayers. And for the prayers a person has missed, he must perform Qadha in his life so the punishment is removed in the hereafter. If a person intentionally does Qadha he gets sin for it as Salat is Wajib and anything which is wajib, if we don’t perform it will be considered Haram and one is sinful in that particular issue.

Hence we should try our best to perform the prayers in the best manner as we will not have this opportunity in the Hereafter. And we will be accountable for all the actions that we have done in this world.

The radiance of the secrets of Prayer:

May Allah(swt) grant us Tawfiq to fulfil our responsibilities, especially Salat.


Syed Haider