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Praying For Marriage


if a boy and girl love each other… what they can pray to Allah that Allah made them life partner of each other???



Firstly, if they want to marry each other they should carefully analyze if
they match as a couple, by seeking advice from elders and friends who know
them. Then they should use the lawful ways to establish this marriage,
i.e. approach the girl’s parents, recite the aqd of the nikah, etc..

All of this should be done for the sake of Allah (s) and His help is
always necessary.  There are many duas available to be recited which will
help one to find the right spouse and facilitate them getting together for
marriage. The different books on marriage available on as
well as the duas available on under the marriage section are

In summary, they should ask Allah (swt) to bless them with a marriage that
will be the cause of many blessings and mercy, both in this world and in
the hereafter.

Miqdad Rajabali