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Praying For Long but no answer from Allah


Aoa I m in very difficult situation from past 4 years every single day I pray and seeks Allah’s help but no reply is coming to me. The situation became harder and harder. It seems Allah is not listening to my prayers and from this darker night there will be no sunshine for me and for my kids. I feeling rest less and feel like not to prayer and stop asking Allah. Plz tell me what should I do I m tense and fade up from this world.


Salaamun alaykum

Thank you for your question. Do not let this world break your iman and your hope in Allah. Know that Allah hears all your prayers and for those that are not granted in this world, He has promised a reward in the next world. But the biggest loss is to not achieve what you desire in this world and loose the reward of the next world by loosing your faith. That is a trick of satan.
Duas may not be answered for a number of reasons, including the Wisdom of God. Sometimes you may think something is better for you, but God knows better. At the same time, supplication also has conditions and it is important those are met too. If those conditions have been fulfilled, then the next step is to trust Allah and to know that He always acts in your best interest.
May Allah alleviate your difficulties and increase your faith and reward.