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Praying Directly to Infallible Imams


Salaam Brothers,

In the quran Allah says ‘Indeed Allah does not forgive association with Him but forgives everything else for whom He wills..’ (4:48).

However when we directly ask Imam’s for assistance or go to Karbala and ask Imam Hussain for the fulfillment of our hajaat, we are associating our Imams with Allah indirectly. So isnt that shirk?

This issue has caused me many sleepless nights, please answer in details as to relinquish all doubts in my mind.


A/Salaam Brother Daaniyal.

In response to your question, kindly refer to this link – Asking from the Imams (as)

For further clarification or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With thanks and regards,

Ask An Alim Team