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Can we pray before the salah time


If we have to go somwhere and we know it can we do salah before time and leave for work or errand


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

The only time when Salah becomes wajib is when the time of that particular Salah has entered.

If Zuhr is at 12pm and you want to leave at 11.45, as the Salah time has not entered so it is not Wajib on you to pray. Hence, praying before the time of Salah has entered whereas the Salah was not wajib will not be sufficient and one will have to perform it again once the Salah time enters.

You can leave for your work and pray anytime during the Salah time(after the Adhan has been said until the Salah becomes Qadha) either at your office, station or wherever possible.

Allah swt is the All-Knower and All-Wise and has made the Wajibat incumbent on us and has mentioned the best times through Quran and Sunnah. And we are accountable for the prayers for which the time has reached and not for the future prayers whose time has not yet arrived.


Syed Haider