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Can I pray home and not go masjid due to Corona virus.


Asalam Alaikum
There are a couple cases of the coronavirus in my country(belgium) and spreading. I have heard from sheikhs if u are afraid u can pray at home instead of the mosque. I am not afraid of the virus but my mother is and she doesn’t want me to pray at the masjid anymore and go outside in general (only for college if lesson is obligatory). Should i be obediënt to my mother and Stay home or should i still go to the masjid and Will there ever be a moment that IT is obligatory to not go to the masjid concerning this plague. Note: i am male and the masjid is really close.
Jazakallah khairan in advance



Thank you for your question. It is better to listen to your mother if she is concerned for yours and her own safety. If you are sure you will contract the virus from going to the masjid, you cannot go, as protecting your life is more important than staying away from the masjid for a time until the virus passes.

May you always be successful

Zohair Ali.