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Prayers With Open Wound/Injury


Could a Muslim who has a permanent open wound/injury (may or may not be bleeding/oozing with pus) perform salaat?

Shukraan. Khuda hafiz.


Salah is wajib (obligatory) in any circumstance but the laws ease when in difficulty.

If the wound is permanent then one has to perform salah in whatever way is comfortable with the patient.
If there is no bleeding then it’s not a problem at all and if it is in the places of wudhoo, then wudhoo e jabeerah is done.

In cases where the wound is bleeding, the wound can be covered during salah so as to avoid  blood (najasah) to flow since it’s a hadath and in
salah, taharah (religious purity) is a necessity.

Wallahu a’alam

Kanize Zainab