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Travel To North Africa


Next week I am travelling to a North African country where shias are under threat if not persecution. My enquiry is two folds:-

1. I would like not to miss Jumaa salat whoch i will have to pray in the local sunni masjid. It would be unadvisable for me to offer the salat according to my shii faith. Is this the occasion for Taqiyya in so much as I can pray folding hands as theie custom dictates or shall I forgo the salat in jamaat and pray in private according to my shii faith.

2. I shall be in safar after 16:15 on the first day being 30/09/15 and will not land in the UK until almost the same time on 11/10/15 Does this period constitute as being in safar or should i be offering full salat while in safar. I shall not be at the destination until after 20:30 on the day of the departure and am due to depart at 13:15 local time. In view of the time contraint, please advise me URGENTLY.

I look forward to reading your advice shortly.

Thank you ……. Baslama


Yes, you can as long as you fulfill the requirement of Salat such as reciting surahs, prostration on the spots where it is permissible, unfolded hands etc.

In response to the second question, if you are spending 10 nights or more in one place, then complete salah is required. But, if within your travel you are moving from city to city and in each city you do not spend 10 nights, qasr salah should be recited.