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Should I pray namaz e kassar or complete namaz as I am traveling


My city where i born (peshawar) pakistan .now i am far away from my city about 250KM but near my village where we have house and land is near in 40 km
Question is that can i pray saffer namaz or complete namaz.


Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Salaamun Alaikum,

– If you are there just for a temporary visit (staying for less than 10 days) then your namaz is kassar.
– If you stay for 10 days or more then it’s complete.
– If you have migrated or have the intention to live there for at least 1.5 year and stay in this place at least 22 days per month then it is considered as your home (watan).
So if you know that InshaAllah you will live there for at least 1.5 year, then during the first two weeks of your stay you have to pray both full and kassar (if you keep traveling back and forth during that period) and from the 15th day onwards you pray full.

May Allah swt make us among those who maintain their prayer.

Sheikh Nadir.