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possible to get divorced because dont want to live with him


Asalam o alikum! Sir i really need to know that last year i got in nikkah with one of my cousin with all family members willing for this actually sir i was in a situation that my father had to get me nikkahfied just for the sake of respect in society i was 17 when i was in nikkah. At that time i was willing for it due to the situation but now i don’t want to marry him i don’t even like him it’s been a year is it possible that i could get divorced because i don’t want to live with him?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question
 A person has to have a genuine reason to break away a Nikah. Marriage is a very holy knot which when broken shakes the Throne of Allah. The act of talaq has been legalized for the benefit of both husband and wife, but only if there is a solid reason to back the act. Incase you have a problem that has not been resolved over the year, then you may want to consider some counseling that will help better your relation.
Best of luck