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If one keeps leaving Allah after trying to worship Him, keeps sinning, and feels that either Allah does not exist or exists but hates him so does not worship Allah, what should one do? I have incurable diseases and feel ignored whenever I ask Allah for help and become more angry and depressed as my life keeps getting worse and I see innocent Shias suffering and seeking help yet they continue to suffer and die.

I really want to euthanise myself.


Alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question.

Islam stresses that a person should have a positive attitude in their relationship with Allah. Allah is for a person as they think of Him and it is a trick of satan for someone to loose hope in Allah. After all Allah is the source of superabundant Mercy so why should one not put their hope there. But then the question is that if Allah is so merciful why all the difficulty and hardship? The answer to that lies in Allah’s Wisdom. He has created the world a certain way in order to test His creation. It is true that Allah tests each person in their own way and sometimes that may feel overwhelming but Allah has also promised not to test a person beyond their capacity and has promised a great result for those that pass those tests. Passing those tests is based in the freewill, belief and the knowledge of each person. Do not let this small world break you down. Each individual is created for something better and that includes yourself. But that is not supposed to be easy. So take your life problems and give them back to Allah. It does not necessarily mean that things will turn out the way you want them. But they will turn out the way He wants them and He knows what is best for your ultimate happiness.
Alternatively He has given you the choice to take your own way. But that has never ended well for anyone.

When you are upset with Allah it is only because you don’t understand His method. Not that you hate Him or that He hates you. It is for you to try to understand His way of doing things that will bring peace to your heart about your own situation. Allah only puts a believer in the best situation for him.

The truth is that you only damage yourself by sinning. So make the positive choice to stop and take your success in your own hands.

As for Shias dying all over the world that is something that is part of the human races free will and not something that is Allah’s “fault”. He has promised that all of this suffering will come to an end with the government of the Mahdi, but until then Shias are prophesied to go through much difficulty and that will also prepare them for the coming of the Mahdi (af).

May you find your way, make your peace and become successful.

‘Abd Allah Esmail