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Earlier today, a pimple on my back popped not by my doing, most likely due to tight shirt. I’m wondering whether my wudu was broken since when I touched it with my finger, there was wetness (probably pus) around and on the spot. How am I meant to know if it flowed or if it just spread due to my shirt being tight? And was my wudu broken? Also I have waswasa and so when I washed the pus off my finger, I felt splashes on my face, almost immediately. Do these splashes carry impurity?


Waalaykum Salam

Popping of your pimple does not break your wudhoo. I would suggest you do a good reading on Taharat using this link start reading from mas’alah no 15.

Also, just to relieve you off your worry, the water that splashed on to you while washing, was not najis.


Best wishes,