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assalam aleikum , my father has 2 wives 1st my mother , my mother stays in india with me and my sister and my father lives in italy with his second wife he comes 1 month in a year to meet us , he bought a house there for his second wife and noe he has no money because he is giving the installment of the house . He does not have money even for studies is it right that he bought a house there ? we are very disturbed financially because of this and he often fights with my mother due to this is it right ?


Waalaykum Salaam.
Sorry to hear about your situation.
It is obligatory on the man of the house I.e. the husband or father of the house to provide for his family. Pls refer to the link below and read masalah no.2421 (last ruling under this)

To further solve this issue I would suggest:
1) Find an intermediary to speak to your father and let him know of your hardship. That may change things.
2) If you’re eligible to find a job, then that could be a helping hand and can also make you responsible for the coming future.
3) To resolve the issue with your mum, you should seek some family counseling or get an elderly to speak to both. I hope your hardship is resolved