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I had an incident today night pls help me in this so that I can deal with this situation if it comes again. I can’t say in detail what I was buying and all it will make you confuse. A old man siting back out me on bike wantedly touch my private parts 1 time I thought it is unknowningly 2nd time I conformed it was wantedly. I got very angery on my self I can’t save my self from a man he is so old that he had white little small Beard I was so weak by seeing that I was not able to do anything. So if anything happened again like this is it fine to beat a old man who try to misbehave like how it happened with me. Pls answer me my mobile number 970002354x what’s up


Waalaykum Salam 

Thank you for your Question. 

It is indeed an unpleasnat experience one can go through. you must protect and defend yourself from such incidents. if need be, you can certainly push away the person with a force, if you fear hurting  him more severely by hitting. Also, God forbid, should you come across such an incident again (especially if you are a minor) just shout out very loud to gain extra attention from others surrounding you. This will make such ill-minded people fear harrasing innocent souls like yourself. and if possible, locate a legal authority like security or police close by and complain

weakness in such instances should be fought back. You must courageously stand up for yourself and deny any harrasement. Keeping quiet may encourage such people to continue their harrasment. 
You may also want to involve an adult and get hold of the person, if he is usually found in the same area and file a legal complain against him. 

May Allah keep you safe and Sound 
kind regards